Mount USB HDD to a certain /media/folder after boot

SYNass IT Ubuntu / Linux i-ubux at
Mon May 26 06:47:07 UTC 2008

Attached here is a screen shoot of GParted displaying the bespoken
external USB HDD !
You see the two partitions /LD142ntfs & LD142ext3 !!
Both are formatted respectively and labeled unique identifiable !!!
Under Places/Computer these 2 partitions are present too !!
Why are they not accessible ?

I am quite sure being very very near to get it solved soon and 
I am also sure that I do something wrong. ;-)

What really could it be ir is it ???

Well one question I can bring up here:
In our recent discussion was a difference of 

/dev/sdb5 or /dev/sdb6 against 
/media/sdb5 or /media/sdb6 !?

fstab shows "media" others, i.e. GParted, are showing "sdbx !!??
How can I get this circle closing correctly ?

TIA for further assistance and guidance. ;-)
Cheers, svobi
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