Ubuntu freezes randomly

Scott Schulz swschulz at astrum.com
Mon May 26 12:23:24 UTC 2008

Aaron wrote:
> Pat Brown wrote:
>> I have a problem with Ubuntu freezing for no apparent reason. It's not 
>> like I'm running any RAM intensive programs - this morning I had 
>> Konquerer open, Thunderbird and OpenOffice. Konquerer was on The Weather 
>> Network looking at the long range forecast, and the whole system froze. 
>> I can't do anything except a hard reboot. I can't even open a terminal. 
>> I'm fully patched. I'm on a a Compaq Presario C700, with 512 MB and1.73 
>> Ghz. Even when it's not freezing it often slows down and the screen will 
>> gray out for several seconds before coming back. When it's in this state 
>> I can't do anything.
> What version of Ubuntu are you running?

Interesting to read this as I experienced the same issue when I upgraded
my laptop to Hardy, except I was using the Gnome version.  It would just
lock up solid at random times and require a power cycle to get it back.
 I have gone back to Gutsy (it also ran Feisty) and have had no problems.

The laptop has a dual core Intel T2500 (2.0 GHz) with 2 GB ram.  The
part that frustrates me the most is when it lock, nothing is written to
the logs so it seem hardware related, though it has never had any
similar symptoms running any of the previous Ubuntu versions, including

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