Are there any good form/report generator programs for Linux yet?

Chris G cl at
Mon May 26 12:09:39 UTC 2008

On Mon, May 26, 2008 at 01:56:16PM +0200, Clayton wrote:
> > Yes, I gathered it was from Pentaho, but there's very little real
> > information about the Report Designer available when you go to the
> > above link.  There is a wiki with a few examples and a blog with a
> > report about it.  I couldn't find any proper Home Page for it or
> > anything like that.
> If you follow the link at the end of this line of text on the OOo
> Extension page:
> "The Sun Report Builder uses the Pentaho Reporting Flow Engine of Pentaho BI."
> You end up at the Pentaho website... click on Products / Reporting and you get:
> OK, not exactly a direct link, but not so hard to find. :-)
Still a hard dig to find actual information IMHO, it's all rather
commercial (none the worse for that necessarily) but I'm still trying
to dig down to somewhere that tells me how the software works - i.e.
installation, basic interface, etc.  I expect I'll get there in the
end though.

> The info on the OOoExtensions site is not much different than the info
> available on the Firefox extensions site - just as a comparison.
> C.
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