Are there any good form/report generator programs for Linux yet?

Clayton smaug42 at
Mon May 26 11:56:16 UTC 2008

> Yes, I gathered it was from Pentaho, but there's very little real
> information about the Report Designer available when you go to the
> above link.  There is a wiki with a few examples and a blog with a
> report about it.  I couldn't find any proper Home Page for it or
> anything like that.

If you follow the link at the end of this line of text on the OOo
Extension page:
"The Sun Report Builder uses the Pentaho Reporting Flow Engine of Pentaho BI."
You end up at the Pentaho website... click on Products / Reporting and you get:

OK, not exactly a direct link, but not so hard to find. :-)

The info on the OOoExtensions site is not much different than the info
available on the Firefox extensions site - just as a comparison.


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