Mount USB HDD to a certain /media/folder after boot

David Vincent dvincent at
Mon May 26 03:50:51 UTC 2008

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> The unit is used as external backup for all our systems and the idea is:
> LD142 = LanDrive Unit ID
> LD142ntfs = NTFS partition and within the partition
> LD142ntfs/WS22x = folders for the respective system/s
> the same is assumed for the LD142ext3 !!! ;-D
> Currently, with Derek's hint NOT to have the entries in fstab, it
> looks ...
> ... quite I like to have it ! ;-)
> Unfortunately I am still facing problems with accessing the 2 partitions
> and
> therefor I am unable to create the needed folders / directories i.e.
> WS222
> for my system in LD142ntfs AND LD142ext3 ;-((
> How can I overcome / solve this ???
> TIA to you all with helping me, it's very appreciated.

i'd reformat everything in ext3 or fat32 (i don't enjoy linux's support
for ntfs) then examine the sharing permissions (samba?  nfs?)  i'd also
google a little more and use the UUIDs in my fstab to cement those
drives to being mounted on boot to the same spot every time.  i might
also put a disklabel on them but generally i don't bother for drives
which are part of a system and aren't detached and moved.

but that's just what i'd do.

- -d

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