Mount USB HDD to a certain /media/folder after boot

SYNass IT Ubuntu / Linux i-ubux at
Mon May 26 01:48:49 UTC 2008

Hi David, 
Thanks for your feedback and suggestions.
I am already quite confused with my problem and 
hope I can get it solved soonest to do my 2 vital data backups to 

LD142ntfs (ntfs - Win data) and 
LD142ext3 (ext3 - Ubuntu /home

So please be aware of your recommended 

NTFS1 (ok) and 
NTFS2 (not so cool, because it's ext3) ! ;-)

On Sun, 2008-05-25 at 06:34 -0700, David Vincent wrote:

> you appear to be trying to mount by disk label and not by UUID or the
> /dev/sdb* parition.  also you don't specify where to actually mount eh
> partition - where do you want this mounted?
> try this:
> $ mkdir /media/NTFS1
> $ sudo mount /dev/sdb5 /media/NTFS1

Should it be like this:
$ mkdir /media/LD142ntfs
$ sudo mount /dev/sdb5 /media/LD142ntfs

> then...
> $ mkdir /media/NTFS2
> $ sudo mount /dev/sdb6 /media/NTFS2

... and like this:
$ mkdir /media/LD142ext3
$ sudo mount /dev/sdb6 /media/LD142ext3

> they should be mounted in /media now and might even show up on the
> desktop.

Yes, now without their entries in fstab they are displayed in
but accessable ;-(

>   i believe you wanted them to mount on a specific folder on
> boot?  the /dev/sdb5 and /dev/sdb6 designations can change (if your
> system picks up a new USB drive before it sees this one while booting
> for example) so if you want to make absolutely sure those get mounted to
> the same spot each boot then you have to use the UUIDs in  your fstab file.

I give these 2 (Backup) partitions in this external USB HHD unit these
specific labels to 
get them identified easier than with the UUID's !! ;-)

The unit is used as external backup for all our systems and the idea is:

LD142 = LanDrive Unit ID
LD142ntfs = NTFS partition and within the partition
LD142ntfs/WS22x = folders for the respective system/s

the same is assumed for the LD142ext3 !!! ;-D

Currently, with Derek's hint NOT to have the entries in fstab, it
looks ...
... quite I like to have it ! ;-)

Unfortunately I am still facing problems with accessing the 2 partitions
therefor I am unable to create the needed folders / directories i.e.
for my system in LD142ntfs AND LD142ext3 ;-((

How can I overcome / solve this ???

TIA to you all with helping me, it's very appreciated.
Cheers, svobi

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