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steve sfreilly at roadrunner.com
Mon May 26 01:56:05 UTC 2008

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Dave Scott wrote:
| Cybe R. Wizard wrote:
|> Dave Scott <DaveScott at columbus.rr.com>  said:
|>> I wonder if the previous writer (Cybe R. Wizard) is running in a vm
|>> also? I'm starting it via the Gnome Application  menu and selecting
|>> Miro out of the Video and Sound submenu.
|> No, I've run it natively (each new version) under Ubuntu since it was
|> Democracy TV or whatever they called it.  It has never performed as
|> well as I would expect for all the hype.  It does work for a while but
|> always seems to start crashing randomly.
|> Cybe R. Wizard
| I wonder then if Miro runs at all under any other distro?  Also has
| anyone been able to catch any log or study what takes it down?
| Thanks,
| Dave
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| David E. Scott
| DScott91 at Columbus.rr.com

I dont know.  I used it under suse 10.0 as democracy player, use to
crash once in a while.  I dont recall any crashes at all from ubuntu 7's
through 8.04.  I use it nearly everyday to download video podcasts and
such for the 3 hour round trips to work. using ver 1.2.3 here.

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Steve Reilly


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