Nexenta as a subproject of Ubuntu?

John Richard Moser nigelenki at
Sun May 25 02:11:46 UTC 2008

Nexenta seems based on Dapper right now, and I have to ask myself why.
I would think it more apt for Ubuntu to give the developers a build
server environment, and leave the kernel as another arch
(gnu-solaris-x86, gnu-solaris-x86_64 ...).  Ubuntu's current devs focus
on GNU/dpkg/Xorg/Gnome/Linux integration rather than
BSD/rpm/kDrive/Enlightenment/Darwin integration, so fine go for it.

I'm just saying, you know.  GNU/dpkg/Xorg/Gnome/Linux handled by
Ubuntu's current devs, GNU/dpkg/Xorg/Gnome/solaris is close and only
requires work on the tools focused around keeping a Solaris system up.
Besides that it's the same system.  You could have
GDXG{freebsd,openbsd,dragonflybsd,minix3,darwin} if you wanted.

(For the record, I'd like to see Dragonfly's kernel in use on an
Ubuntu-ite, but that's me)

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