OpenOffice : why spellcheck doesn't work ?

NoOp glgxg at
Fri May 23 21:38:24 UTC 2008

On 05/23/2008 04:42 AM, Clayton wrote:
>> I setup the 'Tools - Options - Language settings - Writing aids' and activate
>> all options (user-defined dictionaries ..etc.. are all activated).
>> Language setup is correct,
>> but none errors are detected, as typing or by request.
>> What's wrong ?
>> How to activate spell-check (manual or auto) ?
>> I use OpenOffice v2.4.
> is a style based Office tool.. this means that the
> languages also need to be set on the paragraph style level.
> See here for a good explanation of how it all works:
> C.

And to add to Clayton's excellent link:

I also recommend opening Synaptic (System|Administration|Synaptic...)
and search on: and then myspell (and then French if that
is your language). There you will find multiple dictionaries, help
documents that do not get installed automatically, language
translations, etc. As a minimum, install the myspell-<language> and OOo
help files for the language(s) that you use. I'd also add Hunspell as well.

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