OpenOffice : why spellcheck doesn't work ?

Clayton smaug42 at
Fri May 23 18:28:52 UTC 2008

> OOo is tricky, buggy and requires getting used to in my opinion. I have

If it's buggy, open bugs on the problems....

I've found that almost 100% of the people who complain about it being
buggy are simply trying to use it as if it was Microsoft Office...
which it isn't.  It uses a completely different concept of how to work
on and build documents.  Once you get your mind around the the
concepts of using styles instead of inline formatting (how MS Office
leads you to build docs) you will find that OOo is actually quite a
good Office package... in fact in many ways far superior to MSO.

Yes there are bugs... but they are being worked on, and OOo3.0 is
looking to be a really good release.


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