After system didaster how to prepare / save most important data ?

SYNass IT Ubuntu / Linux i-ubux at
Thu May 22 12:34:39 UTC 2008

On Mon, 2008-05-19 at 11:00 -0700, Mike Bird wrote:
> On Mon May 19 2008 10:25:41 Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> > Not trying to be a know it all cus I'm not, but tried
> > the above commands and found that -X is not recognized
> > but an -x is.  Also, for me I had to add the -S -H -A
> > options each with its own "-" and spaces between each
> > as it did not recognise the -SHA as shown.  Hope this
> > will help the newbie out some.
> Sorry about the "-X".  I had forgotten that I had upgraded
> to rsync v3 here.  Thanks for the correction.
> IIRC, "-SHA" worked in rsync 2.6.9 without separation.
> You won't want to use "-x" unless you backup all your
> filesystems separately.
> --Mike Bird

Hi Mike and Leonard
Thanks for your efforts and feedbacks ! ;-)
Leonard's retry and Mike's additional comment about "backup all your fs
separately" has given me one more reconsideration how to organize my
backup philosophy !! ;-))

Today I did some tests and try's with my user data under Ubuntu and

Created 2 partitions, each an ext3 and a NTFS one, in the external USB
HDD and 
copied the respective data from source to its temporary target quite
sucessful with 
the file amount being identical (ext3 /home) or quite identical
(NTFS /Documents and Settings).
Properties of Documents and Settings showed 8748 files and Gnome
Commander copied 
8771 files. ;-D

These two copies have not included rsync, which I think should / would
be best 
especially with incremental backup !?

At the moment I also do not have an idea about speed with rsync and 
hope rsync may be faster than cp or the copy with Gnome Commander !?

Mike also has provided a 192.169.x.y rsync solution in his previous
reply !
Unfortunately the unit only provides FTP and/or SMB but NFS. ;-(
NW backup has no priority yet here !! ;-))

Generally I would like to get more familiar with rsync's features and
possibilities !! ;-))

Regarding the backup philosophy:
I was thinking of 2 partitons in the external USB HDD:
Each one for my and my wife's system and both in NTFS !?
Like this I thought having access from Ubuntu & WinXPP !

Suddenly today, with my disaster backup experiments, I created the
in focus of FS: ext3 and NTFS !!

I am not really confident and sure about it ! Any enlightening
available ??

Well, I am away / busy this weekend and will get back to this next week
TIA for your appreciated help and support, cheers

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