Winows emulator

Clayton smaug42 at
Thu May 22 11:38:21 UTC 2008

>> I wish to install a "Windows" emulator in order to run some software
>> written for that OS.
>> Can anyone suggest the best to try?
> Wine? $ sudo apt-get install wine or, even better, get the last .deb
> from the website (i think it is 1.0 RC 1)

Another option that many people use is VirtualBox..  VirtualBox allows
you to install Windows (or almost any other operating system) into a
Virtual Machine (VM), and then you can install your Windows-only
applications into the VM.

The advantage is that you have a full Windows environment without the
possible issues that Wine can have.  The disadvantage is that you need
to have a decent amount of RAM and available disk space to run the VM
- at least 1GB or RAM, preferably more, and at least enough disk space
for a full Windows install plus the application install (VirtualBox
defaults to 8GB of virtual disk space).

I use both WINE and VirtualBox - in some cases Wine works fine (for
example I can easily run PhotoShopCS2 in WINE), and in others
VirtualBox is the best solution.


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