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NoOp glgxg at
Thu May 22 21:03:28 UTC 2008

On 05/22/2008 04:38 AM, Clayton wrote:
>>> I wish to install a "Windows" emulator in order to run some software
>>> written for that OS.
>>> Can anyone suggest the best to try?
>> Wine? $ sudo apt-get install wine or, even better, get the last .deb
>> from the website (i think it is 1.0 RC 1)
> Another option that many people use is VirtualBox..  VirtualBox allows
> you to install Windows (or almost any other operating system) into a
> Virtual Machine (VM), and then you can install your Windows-only
> applications into the VM.
> The advantage is that you have a full Windows environment without the
> possible issues that Wine can have.  The disadvantage is that you need
> to have a decent amount of RAM and available disk space to run the VM
> - at least 1GB or RAM, preferably more, and at least enough disk space
> for a full Windows install plus the application install (VirtualBox
> defaults to 8GB of virtual disk space).
> I use both WINE and VirtualBox - in some cases Wine works fine (for
> example I can easily run PhotoShopCS2 in WINE), and in others
> VirtualBox is the best solution.
> C.

I highly recommend using VirtualBox; it seems like every other update to
Wine something get broken. Further, there now seem to be issues with
repositories for older versions of Ubuntu (Gutsy for instance), see:

If you look at:

you'll see that the only repo there is for Hardy and Etch. The Gutsy
packages have been moved to:

Some of the latest issues (affecting me today):

I've just gotten tired of finding Wine working great one day & breaking
the next after an update (kernel in particular) and have started moving
everything over to VirtualBox. Once done I plan to blow out Wine once
and for all.

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