Hardy Heron causes HP-9000 series laptop LCD Display to "Burn" during Shutdown or Reboot

Harry Wert harry.wert at gmail.com
Wed May 21 23:54:15 UTC 2008

Does anyone have the problem of Hardy Heron causing HP-9000 series 
laptop(s) Display to "Burn" during Shutdown or Reboot?  Or any other 
Laptop for that matter. Everything works normally otherwise and I am 
extremely satisfied with Ubuntu's updated distribution.

My concern is although the Laptop Suspends, Hibernates, 
Restarts(reboot), and Shutdown all create the desired operator response 
, the somewhat "garish" overdriven display may be eventually destroyed. 
  I have checked Archives and Google'd myself to death, but have found 
no "hits". For those old enough to remember a CRT Display, the effect is 
very similar to turning the brightness way too high.


Harry Wert

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