Hardy Heron causes HP-9000 series laptop LCD Display to "Burn" during Shutdown or Reboot

steve sfreilly at roadrunner.com
Thu May 22 00:01:42 UTC 2008

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Harry Wert wrote:
| Does anyone have the problem of Hardy Heron causing HP-9000 series
| laptop(s) Display to "Burn" during Shutdown or Reboot?  Or any other
| Laptop for that matter. Everything works normally otherwise and I am
| extremely satisfied with Ubuntu's updated distribution.
| My concern is although the Laptop Suspends, Hibernates,
| Restarts(reboot), and Shutdown all create the desired operator response
| , the somewhat "garish" overdriven display may be eventually destroyed.
|   I have checked Archives and Google'd myself to death, but have found
| no "hits". For those old enough to remember a CRT Display, the effect is
| very similar to turning the brightness way too high.
| Anyone?
| Harry Wert
| Physicist

the only thing I can suggest for now is if you right click on an empty
area of the task bar, and choose "add to panel".  look for the
brightness applet and add that.  see if that helps?

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Steve Reilly


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