[Hardy] Mouse copy&paste

Leo Cacciari leo.cacciari at gmail.com
Wed May 21 13:29:51 UTC 2008

Hi people,
  I'm a unix (and linux) user since early '90, thus as all old people, I
have my habits. For instance, if I want to copy something from a
terminal window into another (or the same), I simply select it, then
click on button 2 to do the paste. This does not work in hardy (but it
did in gutsy...). Obviously some default configuration has been changed.

This makes ubuntu behaviour for mouse cut&pasting much more like
window's, which IMHO has a _stupid_ default behaviour. But this is only
my opinion. I'm sure there is a very good reason for this change of
default behaviour, even though I can not see it... But, as I say before,
I'm starting getting old and I'd like to have the old copy&paste
behaviour back. Does someone in the list know how to change it back?

Thanks a lot

Leo 'TheHobbit' Cacciari

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