Info for a new Ubuntu user

Joshua Tarplin jltarplin at
Tue May 20 09:43:48 UTC 2008

I've been using Linux for quite some time, now, either SuSE or Xandros, and
I thought I'd try Ubuntu as a "change of pace".

A few questions, if I may, before I "take the plunge":

1. What is the DEFAULT desktop, Gnome or KDE? (I prefer Gnome, by the way.)

2. I downloaded the installation .iso last night, but was surprised that it
took up only one CD-ROM disc. Is that only the base system, with other
features/applets/software available for download at a later date?

3. Is some implementation of WINE available for Ubuntu?  I've been using a
few apps written for Windoze on the WINE emulator in Xandros, but not often
enough to rationalise a dual-boot configuration.

4.  Is is easily networkable with Mac and Windows PCs?  I have all three in
my house, and I'm trying to get them all "talking amongst themselves".

Much thanks in advance!

Joshua Tarplin, AEMT, MCP, ABCDEFG (Ret.)
jltarplin AT hotmail DOT com

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