Info for a new Ubuntu user

Steve Cook yorvik.ubunto at
Tue May 20 09:59:03 UTC 2008

Joshua Tarplin wrote:
> I've been using Linux for quite some time, now, either SuSE or Xandros, and
> I thought I'd try Ubuntu as a "change of pace".
> A few questions, if I may, before I "take the plunge":
> 1. What is the DEFAULT desktop, Gnome or KDE? (I prefer Gnome, by the way.)
Ubuntu - Gnome
Kubuntu - KDE
Xubuntu - XFCE

> 2. I downloaded the installation .iso last night, but was surprised that it
> took up only one CD-ROM disc. Is that only the base system, with other
> features/applets/software available for download at a later date?
DEpends what you mean by base system.  The ISO contains the desktop and 
a basic selection of apps. - Media palyer, office app, email, browser 
etc.  Anything else you may require can be downloaded from the repos.

> 3. Is some implementation of WINE available for Ubuntu?  I've been using a
> few apps written for Windoze on the WINE emulator in Xandros, but not often
> enough to rationalise a dual-boot configuration.

> 4.  Is is easily networkable with Mac and Windows PCs?  I have all three in
> my house, and I'm trying to get them all "talking amongst themselves".

> Much thanks in advance!
> Joshua Tarplin, AEMT, MCP, ABCDEFG (Ret.)
> jltarplin AT hotmail DOT com


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