best graphics card for "out of the box"

James Gray james at
Tue May 20 07:07:35 UTC 2008

jack wallen wrote:
> The best Nvidia card you can get on your budget. Open source 'nv'
>> driver that works reasonably well and supports xv  video, and very good
>> closed source 'nvidia' driver (installs automagically with restricted
>> device manager) for accelerated video, 3d and gaming.
> thank you for your suggestion. what about the geforce 8600 GT? that's 
> what i am currently looking at.

I have a very close cousin to that card (the 8600GTS) in my workstation 
in the office running 8.04.  Compiz and all other eye candy simply flies 
and frame rates in 3D games[1] are very good considering how much we 
didn't spend on it (cost approx USD$100 6 months ago).  My advice is 
give it a shot and if you're not happy, talk t up on eBay - you'll get 
your money back :D


[1] 3D games in an office? you ask - yep: Friday afternoon network 
Quake3 and beers all round.  Heck - what else can an operations 
department do with high-spec machines a Gigabit ethernet?!? ;)

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