Ubuntu and streamed WMA/RA files in Firefox

Steven Davies-Morris sdavmor at systemstheory.net
Sat May 17 19:24:53 UTC 2008

John K Masters wrote:
> On 12:04 Sat 17 May     , Steven Davies-Morris wrote:
>> The BBC streams sports off its website using Windows Media and Real
>>  Audio formats (no streaming ogg? boo hiss). I should have thought 
>> about this before the 1st test match between England NZ at Lord's 
>> started, but the last time I followed cricket over the 'net it was 
>> on my WinXP music studio machine.
>> I'm using Mozilla Firefox 3 on Hardy Heron. How do I get to hear 
>> either/both of these formats in the browser. Or failing that, how 
>> do I get to hear them in a standalone player. I presume I need to 
>> install the codecs. I can d/l Real Player 8 for Linux and take a 
>> stab at that, or play the stream inside my Virtualbox WinXp setup, 
>> but I really rather not do either of those things if there's a more
>>  sensible way to solve my problem.
> apt-get (or aptitude) install w32codecs mozplugger mplayer 
> mozilla-mplayer
> The above all on one line.
> This should work. It is how I did it on Gutsy/FF2 and I can still get
>  the BBC streams after updating to Hardy/FF3
> Regards, John

You're a prince, John. I'll do that right now, and hopefully I'll get
to hear some TMS feed tomorrow morning, assuming there's no more rain
stopped play that is! I'm in the states, BTW, so getting to hear TMS
over the 'net is a very special "ain't technology great!?!" treat.
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