Ubuntu and streamed WMA/RA files in Firefox

Steven Davies-Morris sdavmor at systemstheory.net
Sun May 18 16:07:54 UTC 2008

Steven Davies-Morris wrote:
> John K Masters wrote:
>> On 12:04 Sat 17 May     , Steven Davies-Morris wrote:
>>> The BBC streams sports off its website using Windows Media and Real
>>>  Audio formats (no streaming ogg? boo hiss). I should have thought 
>>> about this before the 1st test match between England NZ at Lord's 
>>> started, but the last time I followed cricket over the 'net it was 
>>> on my WinXP music studio machine.
>>> I'm using Mozilla Firefox 3 on Hardy Heron. How do I get to hear 
>>> either/both of these formats in the browser. Or failing that, how 
>>> do I get to hear them in a standalone player. I presume I need to 
>>> install the codecs. I can d/l Real Player 8 for Linux and take a 
>>> stab at that, or play the stream inside my Virtualbox WinXp setup, 
>>> but I really rather not do either of those things if there's a more
>>>  sensible way to solve my problem.
>> apt-get (or aptitude) install w32codecs mozplugger mplayer 
>> mozilla-mplayer
>> The above all on one line.
>> This should work. It is how I did it on Gutsy/FF2 and I can still get
>>  the BBC streams after updating to Hardy/FF3
>> Regards, John
> You're a prince, John. I'll do that right now, and hopefully I'll get
> to hear some TMS feed tomorrow morning, assuming there's no more rain
> stopped play that is! I'm in the states, BTW, so getting to hear TMS
> over the 'net is a very special "ain't technology great!?!" treat.

aptitude install did it for me.  Thanks.
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NP: Eng vs NZ on TMS over the internet

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