Is NTFS resizing safe nowadays?

SYNass IT Ubuntu / Linux i-ubux at
Sat May 17 02:43:08 UTC 2008

On Fri, 2008-05-16 at 13:01 -0400, Phill MV wrote:
>         Define Safe?  I would never manipulate partitions unless I was
>         ready to
>         do a full recovery... The process isn't bugged or error prone,
>         but an
>         inconveniently timed power outage or hardware failure can do
>         much more
>         damage than usual.
> Well, let's define safe to be, "barring freak accidents external to
> the software, if you follow the steps in the vast majority of cases it
> will work perfectly" :P. I just have no means to perform recovery,
> because getting it reimaged is a large hurdle. 
> I'm uneasy about just blowing it all away and leaving ubuntu 'cos
> there are lots of network quirks that might leave me without a working
> system either way.
>         You failed to mention what version of Windows you use.  If
>         it's Vista,
>         use Vista's partition resizing tools (Computer management
>         GUI).  This
>         isn't a suggestion, ntfs tools (last I checked, might be
>         updated now)
>         does not support changes Vista made, but Vista can resize
>         partitions any
>         which way live without any need for defraging.
> Alas, I'm running XP.

Hi Phill
Get GParted 0.3.6 LiveCD:

Choose LiveCD or your preferred solution how to use it & resize your
NTFS as you need ! :-)

I have done this quite many times on many systems and had absolutely NO
problems !! ;-))
It works very well in the case too that the NTFS partition may have "not
removable" data ...
... none of a few Partitioning Tools I know and own was able to overcome
this !!! ;-D

IMHO: a MUSThave !

Good luck and cheers, svobi

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