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>>>> What would cause a computer to loose time while it's on and running?
>>>> (approx. 10 minutes lost every 24 hrs)  It's easy enough to sync the
>>>> clock with NTP, but it makes no sense to me that my pc can't count
>>>> seconds properly.
>>>> There may be other explanations possible (the ubertechs in the group
>>>> can get themselves around that) but my speculative thought would be
>>>> that the battery keeping your CMOS alive (and hence the time/date
>>>> information) has reached its limits and is beginning to fail.
>>> Which would be first thought if the computer was ever turned off :)...
>>> System time doesn't rely on CMOS clock except to to reand from the clock
>>> on boot.
>> I'd say the same thing that Brian said, but maybe the battery isn't the
>> problem, only one of the symptoms... I got the exact same situation a
>> couple of months ago with one of my computer ( that one running doze
>> tho)... then, other problems started to occur (going from freezes to
>> instant reboots).  At some point, I noticed that at every reboots, I
>> would have to redo the settings in the Bios...
>> The problem was in fact the power supply that wasn't giving enough power
>> on the 3.3v, so the system was relying on the battery... When the
>> battery drained... oups...
>> In your bios, look if you don't have a voltage monitor. If the voltages
>> there are too far from their rated voltage, there may be a problem
>> (remember, when the OS is loaded, computer needs more power than when in
>> the Bios only...
>> Hope this helps...
> Thanks all for the suggestion.. Unfortunately, after a grueling surgery
> to replace my power supply, there is no change.  The system clocks still
> looses about 5 seconds per hour (note that the CMOS clock remains on the
> right time, which can be verified with hwclock -r)
> Both power supply (the old and the new) check out ok in the BIOS and on
> a power supply tester.
    Assuming you have a Gnome computer  please right click the time in 
the right corner of the Desktop. Then look at all the tabs and make sure 
they are all proper. Make sure you can reset time in the "Adjust date 
and Time" tab.



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