Debian or Ubuntu?

Steve Lamb grey at
Thu May 15 06:13:41 UTC 2008

Steve Lamb wrote:
>     The partition just didn't mount.  There was no device in /dev.  The UUID 
> matched.  I didn't feel like trying to diagnose it beyond that since it would 
> be faster to just torrent 8.04 and reinstall.  Which I did.  3 hours total.  
> I didn't learn as much and I'm still reinstalling but at least I'm up and 
> running again.

    Forgot to add that I am still tweaked that KUbuntu's TBird still can't do
reply-to-list (then again, Debian's broke a while back, too) and I was
surprised to see an install option which was intelligent enough to delete
/var, /usr, and so on but leave /home alone.  I put this install on a single
partition as a throw-away test for gaming.  Silly not to split it out but not
having /home overwritten was very nice.  :)

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