Power management - longer battery life

Rutger van Haasteren vhaasteren at gmail.com
Wed May 14 02:23:18 UTC 2008

Hi list,

I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop with Ubuntu 8.04. How can I manage the
battery life a bit more sophisticated than reducing the screen brightness?

On Gutsy I had a battery life of about 3.5 hours with dimmed screen. After a
while this reduced to approx 2 hours, even though I am not aware of any
notable changes in setup. I do not run desktop effects (set to 'none'), and
I spend the whole day in vim and firefox. With Hardy I am also able to get
only 2 hours with fully dimmed screen.

However, I still have the original copy of Windows Vista on the laptop,
where I can get up to 3.5 hours if I reduce performance.

Can anyone point me in de right direction of how to improve this? TIA,

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