Another ffmpeg (version?) question

Patton Echols p.echols at
Tue May 13 15:45:44 UTC 2008

I was using dvd-slideshow to make . . . a slideshow. It uses ffmpeg, but 
failed to code the audio stream. I was able to make it work by usingnthe 
-mp2 option, but apparently that isn't compatibble with all dvd players.

found this in the ffmpeg man page:

. . . Furthermore, the audio stream is MP3-encoded so
you need to enable LAME support by passing "--enable-mp3lame" to con‐
figure. . . .

Not sure what this means. Is there a configure file somewhere? Or is 
this talking about when compiled?

When running ffmpeg the following info is given:

~$ ffmpeg -formats | grep mp3
FFmpeg version SVN-rUNKNOWN, Copyright (c) 2000-2007 Fabrice Bellard, et al.
configuration: --enable-gpl --enable-pp --enable-swscaler 
--enable-pthreads --enable-libvorbis --enable-libtheora --enable-libogg 
--enable-libgsm --enable-dc1394 --disable-debug --enable-shared 
libavutil version: 1d.49.3.0
libavcodec version: 1d.51.38.0
libavformat version: 1d.51.10.0
built on Jun 3 2007 20:59:25, gcc: 4.1.3 20070528 (prerelease) (Ubuntu 

I don't see "--enable-mp3lame" with the other enables.

If this is a compile thing, is there another version that has been 
compiled with mp3 support in the repos? or must I do it myself?

If anyone knows or can tell me how to figure it out I'd appreciate it..


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