Debian or Ubuntu?

"Terrell Prudé Jr." microman at
Tue May 13 05:16:22 UTC 2008

Mike Bird wrote:
> Debian would be much more useful if they updated just Stable's kernel,
> xorg, nividia and similar hardware-related pieces every six months.
> --Mike Bird

That, unfortunately, defeats the purpose of an "LTS" distribution and is
why the kernel version doesn't get updated on either RHEL/CentOS or
Ubuntu LTS.  The same applies to Debian Stable; it's basically the
original "LTS" distro.

*That* is why Ubuntu exists.  What Canonical's doing is taking Debian
Sid and making it considerably more user-friendly--and less "dangerous"
from a typical user's point of view--through additional quality testing
and good packaging.  To use and appreciate Debian Sid itself takes some
geekiness, kinda like Slackware; it would never work for my mother.  But
Ubuntu would.


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