Debian or Ubuntu?

Derek Broughton news at
Mon May 12 19:02:21 UTC 2008

Mike Bird wrote:

> On Mon May 12 2008 10:10:13 Les Mikesell wrote:
>> Can you give an example of something that is worse in Ubuntu than Debian
>> for servers?  That is, if you didn't already have Debian would there be
>> a reason to use it?
> Better support and fewer upgrade problems in Debian.
> (But Ubuntu is generally more up-to-date if you need recent software
> versions or support for recent hardware.)

This, though, has been much less of a problem since they finally kicked
Sarge out of the nest.  One of the major boosts to Ubuntu in the early days
was the thought of getting regular and frequent version upgrades.  Sarge
waited _years_ for release, and many of us early Ubuntu adopters chose
Ubuntu because we thought Sarge would never be released.  I'm still
subscribed to debian-announce, and they seem to be back on track.

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