Debian or Ubuntu?

Mike Bird mgb-ubuntu at
Mon May 12 19:59:22 UTC 2008

On Mon May 12 2008 12:02:21 Derek Broughton wrote:
> Mike Bird wrote:
> > (But Ubuntu is generally more up-to-date if you need recent software
> > versions or support for recent hardware.)
> This, though, has been much less of a problem since they finally kicked
> Sarge out of the nest.  One of the major boosts to Ubuntu in the early days
> was the thought of getting regular and frequent version upgrades.  Sarge
> waited _years_ for release, and many of us early Ubuntu adopters chose
> Ubuntu because we thought Sarge would never be released.  I'm still
> subscribed to debian-announce, and they seem to be back on track.

Debian Etch was only half a year late, but that was more than a year ago.

We have Thinkpads running Debian but they have to use a mix of Testing
and Unstable.  Debian Testing is a time sink, due to the frequent
updates.  Debian Unstable is risky, but it's needed for the audio and
graphics drivers: linux-image-2.6, xorg-drivers, nvidia-kernel, nvidia-glx.

Debian would be much more useful if they updated just Stable's kernel,
xorg, nividia and similar hardware-related pieces every six months.

--Mike Bird

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