Is USB over ethernet possible

Derek Broughton news at
Mon May 12 15:41:59 UTC 2008

Jonathan Hirschman wrote:

> Derek Broughton wrote:
>> Chris G wrote:
>>> No, that's not what I want to do.
>>> Both my Linux boxes have USB hardware, they are connected by an
>>> Ethernet network.  I want to plug a USB device into one system and be
>>> able to see it as a USB device on the other system.
>> Strictly speaking, I think what you are asking for is impossible.  You
>> can mount a device on the other system, and may be able to export that
>> device through various means so that it can be used on the other system,
>> but it will _never_ appear as a USB device.
> Yeah, that would be totally impossible. So many experts on this list.
> Again, the correct answer is one google search away:

Your point?  _If_ it works, it still needs non-free software, but I try not
to put my money into products whose web pages appear to be translated from
Russian by Google.  In any case, it's not obvious from that page that what
you're getting is strictly going to be a USB device.  It seems to be just
another form of abstraction (which isn't wrong - in fact it's the only sane
way to handle this sort of thing).  That is, will "lsusb" on the client,
show the device?  I think not.

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