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Fri May 9 19:13:50 UTC 2008

John Baker wrote:
> Thanks for the reply but I believe I have been helped on my miscues and will 
> correct
>> John Baker wrote:
>>> FOLKS PLEASE! I am up to my neck in alligators!!
>>> I want so very badly to learn Linux and UNIX that I am learning it 
>>> badly!!!!
>>> point me in the right direction PLEASE!!!! I will return the favor when
>>> someone else wanders into a pit of despair and begs for directions.
>>> some of you will probably lead me in the WRONG direction but even that 
>>> would
>>> help as a direction
>>> Thanks A Million
>> What exactly are you expecting?  You looking for book suggestions?

Everybody was there once.
first thing to learn is it is not intuitive.So you have to read alot.
O'reilly books are readable.
"Running Linux" is a starter but maybe somebody can suggest something else.
There is a lot of stuff online and everything mostly has a man page and
info page or a FAQ.
but man pages are not that great to get an overview.

type "man man"
or "man bash"

there is a lot of reading here

have fun


michael crane

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