Is USB over ethernet possible

John K Masters johnmasters at
Fri May 9 16:09:46 UTC 2008

On 15:48 Fri 09 May     , Chris G wrote:
> Going on from that recent question about ethernet over USB is the
> opposite possible?
> I.e. I have two Linux boxes networked and one has a USB device that I
> would like to be able to see as a USB device from the other Liux box.
> Can that be done?
My Buffalo Linkstation NAS runs a minimal version of Debian and has 2
USB ports for connecting extra storage or a printer. If I connect an
external USB drive it shows up in Nautilus on the network so I guess
that it is possible. As to how to configure I can't help; with the
Linkstation it just works.

Regards, John
I wish I was young enough to know everything.

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