8.04 (32Bit) on Intel Dual Core laptop with Phoenix BIOS: No CD and no Bluetooth Mouse

Peter Frenning [OZ1PIF] peter at frenning.dk
Fri May 9 07:52:45 UTC 2008

The Machine is a Zepto 6625WD (SATA Devices) (Intel Santa Rosa based) - 
Runs Vista 64Bit (Yikes) like a dream, everything works.
Runs WinXP 32Bit with some problems (no sound, USB F..... Up)
Runs Ubuntu 8.04 32Bit/64Bit with a few problems (can't use 64 Bit yet 
because I need Skype and VirtualBox), It can't find the CD/DVD drive, 
and my Bluetooth mouse wont work, it is found and recognized, but I get 
an "Couldn't display "obex://[00:5A:6C:9B:43]/"; Error: Host Down, 
please select another xxxxxx (fremviser in Danish) and try again".

Have tried to DualBoot (grub) 8.04 with Vista, and it works, but with 
BOTH systems without access to CD/DVD, which points to BIOS interaction 

Any ideas? (My ideal setup would be Ubuntu with WinXP/Win2k in 
VirtualBox, but I do need CD/DVD access and I have a few Win 
applications which I must have, and which will not run on Wine)

Vy 73 de OZ1PIF/5Q2M, Peter

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Peter Frenning
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