Hibernation woes

Avi Greenbury avismailinglistaccount at googlemail.com
Wed May 7 20:31:18 UTC 2008

On Wed, 07 May 2008 12:59:12 -0600
Ted Hilts <thilts at mcsnet.ca> wrote:
> Well yes. But even if I remove every thing so that Ubuntu is not doing 
> anything and none of the windows are populated it STILL complains about 
> swap. I declare Hibernate (on my dual boot) as crazy!

How much swap do you have?

swapon -l

in the terminal will tell you

> Maybe - just maybe -- and this is just a wild guess -- but maybe due to 
> the dual boot it is looking for winswap which it cannot pick up because 
> Ubuntu is running and not XP. 

I very much doubt that, unless you've done something to make it do that (I'm not entirely sure how). For a start, It'd ignore anything else on the device in favour of what you've listed in fstab and mounted manually. Also, isn't window's swap generally in the form of a file on the system partition?

Finally, I've had *buntu hibernating alongside windows on this laptop.

>			But regardless, if that is true there is 
> no way of giving Ubuntu hibernate function a specific swap or even 
> creating a swap specifically for Ubuntu hibernate. So, it is crazy!

You can allocate a swap file, but I'll concede I don't know of a way of reserving it *only* for hibernation.
> There is no way out till a new distribution deals with this kind of 
> problem.

Or *buntu. I must admit, it's not a problem I've come across.

> One thing I will say, ahem, I used the Ubuntu user interface and not a 
> command line. I have seen incomplete user interfaces on this 
> distribution as well as non functional user interaces.

The command line *is* a user interface. There are incomplete UIs all over the place, but telling those of us who just use the system wont help. If something doesn't work, file a bug.

> DO YOU think I should "sudo pmi action hibernate" or "sudo pm-hibernate" 
> or some other command line???? My version is 7-10 Gutsy.

Not if you don't want to, no.
Out of interest, do either of those work?

Avi Greenbury

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