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Wed May 7 09:50:12 UTC 2008

Riana Carstens <carstensr at> wrote:

> I have a Dell Latitude notebook, but cannot get special characters by
> using the Alt + xxx keys. I read a lot, got advice but no joy.
> Anybody out there to help me??

Enable it in "Keyboard Preferences"/"Layouts"/"Layout Options"/ 
"Miscellaneous compatibility options"/"Shift with numeric keypad keys
works as in MS windows".

But IMHO it's much easier to use a compose key: Define it using
"Layout Options"/"Compose key position". than you can type specila
characters using sequences like Compose, ^, a for â. 

You can define your own sequences in  the file ~/.XCompose. I attache
mine as an example.

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