FF Ext un-uninstallable & Vbox help

Tipton, Timothy Timothy.Tipton at pxd.com
Mon May 5 18:44:56 UTC 2008

Hello all, I am in need of a little assistance.

Yesterday, I decided that it would be time to upgrade to 8.04 (from
7.10, fully updated) - I used the update manager to do so. Everything
went fine, I thought, until after the reboot - then I couldn't get eth0
or eth1 to resolve anything... I assigned IP's - did auto dhcp - did the
roaming thing... nothing worked... after about 6 hours of trying to
figure it out, I pulled out my 7.10 disc and did the reinstall
(Thankfully, I had set /home on a separate partition, so no big deal...
I did the reinstall of 7.10, and now I have two problems left to solve:

1. None of my Firefox extension work, (I'm assuming due to the upgrade
to the beta 3 version) and I can't uninstall them - The button is there,
and when I click it on each it says the installation will take place
when FF is restarted - I restart it and they stay the same... is there a
way to fix this? Or should I just use the add/remove manager and
uninstall / reinstall? I'm assuming I'll still need to delete something
in my /home folder, I just don't know what.

2. I want/need to reinstall VirtualBox - I need USB, so the OSE won't
work (or so I understand it) - but when I go to the download site, the
only listing for 7.10 is the AMD64 binary - is there some where else I
can get the binary, or will that one work on my box? (I have an Intel
dual core proc - NON 64 bit)

Thanks for any help you guys can provide, I wish 8.04 would work with my
box, however, it's the only PC I have at home, so without the internet
working, I can't get online to get help... and I'm pretty noobish...

Again, TIA,


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