Hardy upgrade painful

Neil Cherry ncherry at linuxha.com
Mon May 5 03:12:01 UTC 2008

Well this was a disaster! I let the update managed update from Gutsy
to Hardy and it did it's thing for several hours. When it was done
I was greeted by a nice kernel panic: not syncing VFS: ... basically
someone forgot to edit the grub menu and add the initrd line (grrr).

When I login I find that HAL failed to initialize (oh great).
Okay, so I figure them out. Next I boot up to find that I can't
sudo anything. Luckily I had given root a password. Next I find
I need to add my hostname to /etc/host so I can sudo (done). The
current thing I'm working on is getting the restricted driver
(the Atheos 5212 driver - ath_hal etc.) working. But when I go
to the menus I find no place to access restricted drivers and I
I'm not allowed to administer the networks (???).

Now before I go and hack the files so Ubuntu behaves like every
other Linux does anyone have a suggestion as to how to enable
the restricted drivers?

Right now I'm stuck on 2.6.22-14 so I can restored my network
card to working order (manually!).

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