Thunderbird problem

Rashkae ubuntu at
Sun May 4 15:26:22 UTC 2008

squareyes wrote:

> Hi all,
> didn't update just opened Thunderbird and almost a years email were 
> gone. Mostly jokes,
> all useful info gleaned from mail are in a "useful info" separate text file
> No big problem, will be installing Hardy soon, for a major disk cleanup.
> Am on dialup, so use a fresh install of latest version to update, as 
> updates are not possible
> with slow dialup.  Just interested as to why this happened. Will check 
> out Mozilla Thunderbird mailing lists.
> Thanks all.
> Take Care
> Winton

I've seen this happen when the index file gets trashed... Rick click on
your e-mail folder, select properties, and hit the Rebuild Index Button.

Rebuilding a large index on Thunderbird takes lots of time, so let it
run through it's course.

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