Grub overlaping

Anna EdwARds ash.1574 at
Sat May 3 21:19:22 UTC 2008

What is the mbr and isn't grub just installed to each partition? Also, i am able to do this because i have every version and edition of windows and every version of every linux distro i could install installed.

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Date: Sat May 03 13:55:20 PDT 2008
From: Derek Broughton 
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Subject: Re: Grub overlaping

Anna EdwARds wrote:

> I have a grub machine with access to easily twenty thousand booting
> operating systems on 4 thousand machines, and i was wondering.

For the life of me, I can't see how this is possible, but...

> Is it 
> possible for grub to boot to another grub (or lilo, if necessary)? 

Sure.  That's exactly what the default boot stanza for Windows partitions

 # This entry automatically added by the Debian installer for a non-linux OS
 # on /dev/sda1
 title           Windows Vista/Longhorn (loader)
 root            (hd0,0)
 chainloader     +1

The "root" option says which partition, and the "chainloader" says to boot
whatever the active bootloader is for that partition.  It could be another
grub, it could be Windows (as it is in this case), it could be lilo, or any
other boot loader you can imagine - the only requirement is that it be able
to exist in the superblock of that partition.

To boot to other Grubs, you just use grub-install to install to the
partition, rather than the MBR.

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