Low WiFi rates (Hardy 64Bit, Intel Pro Wireless 3945)

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Sat May 3 20:12:04 UTC 2008

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> Hi!
> I've just booted the Ubuntu 8.04 64Bit Live CD to check if those
> sucking wifi rates are a problem of my setup or if it's the driver's
> fault. I can say, it's the driver's fault. I've just downloaded
> Firefox 2 (9MB) and I never got more than 30KB/sec. When browsing
> during that time, it dropped to <15KB/s and GMail didn't load up
> nearly as fast as in Windows.
> I've given up using Ubuntu for anything except listening music, just
> because it's unbearable. I'm even considering switching... perhaps to
> Fedora.
> Cheers anyhow.
> Phil
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Your one WiFi test may or may not have been valid, as the Ubuntu live CD
is intended to allow you to sample its functionality, not its performance.
Many if not most functions improve vastly in performance one the user
installs Ubuntu on a hard disk. You may be giving up on Ubuntu too soon.

I use wired Ethernet on Comcast cable, but I've seen download speeds
in excess of 500 MB/sec. Server load can also affect that drastically, and
buffer setup overhead would also degrade such a small (9MB) download.


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