Low WiFi rates (Hardy 64Bit, Intel Pro Wireless 3945)

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Sun May 4 15:12:04 UTC 2008

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>  > Hi!
>  > I've just booted the Ubuntu 8.04 64Bit Live CD to check if those
>  > sucking wifi rates are a problem of my setup or if it's the driver's
>  > fault. I can say, it's the driver's fault. I've just downloaded
>  > Firefox 2 (9MB) and I never got more than 30KB/sec. When browsing
>  > during that time, it dropped to <15KB/s and GMail didn't load up
>  > nearly as fast as in Windows.
>  > I've given up using Ubuntu for anything except listening music, just
>  > because it's unbearable. I'm even considering switching... perhaps to
>  > Fedora.
>  >
>  > Cheers anyhow.
>  > Phil

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>  Phil,
>  Your one WiFi test may or may not have been valid, as the Ubuntu live CD
>  is intended to allow you to sample its functionality, not its performance.
>  Many if not most functions improve vastly in performance one the user
>  installs Ubuntu on a hard disk. You may be giving up on Ubuntu too soon.
>  I use wired Ethernet on Comcast cable, but I've seen download speeds
>  in excess of 500 MB/sec. Server load can also affect that drastically, and
>  buffer setup overhead would also degrade such a small (9MB) download.
>  Jerry

Hi Jerry,
I would definitely agree, but with Feisty and Gutsy my WiFi speeds
were exciding 700KB/s and my wired speeds still occasionally crack the
1000KB. Also, surfing is impossible when downloading anything and I
would assume that a 14MBit DSL connection is able to handle a 30KB/s
download plus some easy surfing. At least it is possible with Windows.
I really enjoyed Ubuntu for some years now. The first thing happening
to my current notebook (2 years old) was that Ubuntu was installed.
The one before was Ubuntu-only. It's sad to see that it comes down to

Cheers anyhow

Phil Bieber
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