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sdavmor sdavmor at
Sat May 3 00:53:52 UTC 2008

Dotan Cohen wrote:
> 2008/5/1 sdavmor <sdavmor at>:
>> Good. I'd like to install WK2P I have an OEM sans key) just so I 
>> can run those few "dammit I have to have that" apps. Sounds like 
>> I'll be coming down the same highway as you a couple of days 
>> behind you.
> What applications are those? Have you written to the developers and
>  asked about Linux versions? Tell me what apps they are, so that I 
> can contact them. Thanks.
> Dotan Cohen

It's the Sony Media ex-Sonic Foundry apps for audio (and video too but
that's not particularly important to me) that unfortunately use .NET.
I have had several conversations with them about doing a Linux port
and the answer is a resolute "not interested". I expect that
eventually MONO will get to the point where these apps (Acid Pro v6,
Sound Forge v9, CD Architect v5.2, assorted VST and Direct X plugin
devices) will run, and then will run decently, but until then if I can
make them work on a virtual Win2K I'll be quite OK with that, since
those are the only apps forcing me to keep a Windows XP machine alive.

Well..that's not quite true. My preferred (by a country mile) audio
editor is Adobe Audition -- which used to be called Cool Edit Pro back
when Syntrillium owned it -- a *much* better and much hipper name. I
haven't bothered to even look into whether it exists in the *nix world
because I could after some tears live without it and use Sound Forge
(if available) or even something else if push came to shove.
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