VirtualBox OSE + USB

sdavmor sdavmor at
Sat May 3 00:52:03 UTC 2008

Chris Mohler wrote:
> On Fri, May 2, 2008 at 5:53 PM, Dotan Cohen <dotancohen at> wrote:
>> 2008/5/1 sdavmor <sdavmor at>:
>>> Good. I'd like to install WK2P I have an OEM sans key) just so I can
>>  > run those few "dammit I have to have that" apps. Sounds like I'll be
>>  > coming down the same highway as you a couple of days behind you.
>>  What applications are those? Have you written to the developers and
>>  asked about Linux versions? Tell me what apps they are, so that I can
>>  contact them. Thanks.
> My sole "dammit must have" app is Adobe Illustrator.  I can get by
> with GIMP and Scribus, but Inkscape/OODraw/XaraX/etc all have severe
> limitations in one way or another.
> Chris

LOL! The deal-breaker is Sony Media Acid Pro for me.  Adobe Audition
(nee Cool Edit Pro) is up there too, but I could get by with something
else for audio editing work (though I wouldn't want to).
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