My 8.04 LTS Desktop hasn't notified me about any updates in 5 days

Scott Kaplan scott.p.kaplan at
Thu May 1 19:59:56 UTC 2008

For the 6 months that I had 7.10 installed, I was notified through Update
Manager what seemed like every other day or so with updates.  I upgraded
from 7.10 Desktop to 8.04 Desktop 5 days ago.  Since then, Update Manger has
not notified me about any updates.  The install (which was typical) was
clean & my machine has worked flawlessly ever since (in fact, the 8.04
desktop is a phenomenal OS).  I tried Update Manager manually and after
checking, it didn't report any updates.  It did however report that my
system was up-to-date.

I am just wondering if it is normal to go this long (5 days) without an
update notification or maybe if something is wrong with my Update Manager.

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