banned by ip

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at
Thu May 1 18:48:34 UTC 2008

Arthur wrote:
> I kan't find "c" where is c ?
> so that you kan be happy I will reprodusse the problem :
> while trying to write an email this morning to responde to some (have
> nothing to do) and other (have no brain) , i kouldn't not find the letter c
> on my keyboard !!!!!!
> any help would be appreciated. as this is very urgent.
> ps : no offense, my network is composed of a modem with on/off buttons (very
> important the buttons since i can't fix my problem if i didn't have them) an
> isp (very important too since i have to call him about my problem).

I've tried offering help, I've tried asking you for information so we 
could actually try diagnosing the issue, and every time you smartass 
around and jerk our chains.

It's fairly obvious you don't want any assistance from anyone.  You're 
either just here to stir the pot or you're trying to see how long it 
would take before someone loses their cool and tells you how jacktarded 
your online persona is so you can sit back and giggle.

Welcome to the killfile. Stop wasting bandwidth and time.

We now return to our regularly scheduled mundane threads...

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