banned by ip

Joseph ubuntu at
Thu May 1 13:41:59 UTC 2008

Bart Silverstrim wrote:
> Kipton Moravec wrote:
>> Awhile back on another technical email list, someone asked us how to
>> make a cell phone close a switch when you called its number. It seemed
>> fishy and even more so when we found his IP address was in Egypt. That
>> is one way terrorists detonate bombs remotely. When we questioned him
>> about the use, he claimed to have a number of cell phones (with
>> different numbers) he was using for home automation. He "wanted to be
>> able to turn on the lights when he was on his way home".  We did not
>> tell him how to do it, it did not sound right. 
> What an idiot.  Obviously you call someone at home and ask them to flip 
> the switch for you. Sheesh.

Shucks!  I think Walmart has gadgets that do the lights on lights off thing from anywhere.  I'd even seen on TV a portable 
wall switch that will turn on any light to which it's been connected.  They could get that tacky little switch and attach it 
to their dash...   and VIOLA!  Lights on/Lights off from their car.


But I think the term "unknowledgeable" might have been a better term to use instead of "idiot."  But that's just my humble 


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