radeon driver capabilites (opengl)

Rich Rudnick rich at aphroneo.net
Mon Mar 31 17:42:15 UTC 2008

Jan Torben Heuer wrote:
> Hi,
> I just switched from fglrx (proprietary) to radeon (open source). I'm
> impressed how good and easy-to-use the driver is (Especially if you deal
> with multiple displays..)
> I have a Radeon Mobility X600.
> There is one thing that I don't know yet: Is OpenGL Hardware Accelleration
> possible? Can I use AIGLX (I think not with my model)?

the open source radeon driver only supports hardware acceleration for 
older ati cards, basically 9500 and older. If you want hardware 
acceleration for your x600 you will have to use the fglrx driver, and 
fight with multiple displays.

> XV works - but not on tv-out. (Video is black). Is not mandatory because
> even xshm works well but would be nice. Did someone manage it?

Never messed with tv out, so no info for you on this.

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