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Jhair Tocancipa Triana jhair.tocancipa at
Mon Mar 31 10:18:02 UTC 2008

Karl Larsen writes:

>     I have looked at my /etc/X11/ directory and it is full of strange 
> things:

> root at karl-desktop:/etc/X11# ls
> app-defaults             X                   xorg.conf.nvidia  
> Xsession.options
> cursors                  xinit               Xresources        XvMCConfig
> default-display-manager  xkb                 xserver           
> Xwrapper.config
> fonts                    xorg.conf           Xsession
> rgb.txt                  xorg.conf.failsafe  Xsession.d

> I know xorg.conf is the file read but what do all the others do? Is 
> there a place to read about this?

You can also check the manpages of the following packages which
potentially have configuration files in /etc/X11:

$ dpkg -S /etc/X11
xload, xfontsel, editres, xkbutils, xrgb, xfd, beforelight, xclock, oclock, xfonts-base, xmessage, xfonts-scalable, xconsole, xfonts-100dpi, gnome-session, x11-common, xfonts-75dpi, xsm, xgc, tetex-base, xmore, xterm, dbus, xvidtune, xman, xmag, xditview, bitmap, xinit, gdm, xscreensaver-data, xcalc, xcursor-themes, xlockmore, viewres, xclipboard, xlogo, imake, xkeyboard-config: /etc/X11



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