Hybernation and running applications

Arnold Weber aaqqlloo at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 30 13:02:38 UTC 2008

>> That would depend on the program (which software are you using?) but I
>> would expect not. Have you looked at the software documentation to see if
>> it can handle hibernation?
> Huh?  Of course it will continue.  Hibernation simply stops _everything_,
> then saves the state of memory.  When it resumes, it restores memory and
> starts again.  If hibernation works at all, _all_ programs have to work.

It will work for _almost_ all programs. Troubling are programs that rely on stable
network connections (like instant messengers) or programs that are getting
confused if time jumps ahead a few hours at once while running (but i don't know
an example for this category)

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