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Sun Mar 30 00:33:31 UTC 2008

In your CMOS settings for booting you can prioritize one drive over the other(hard disk drives).  I was able to do this during the past week.  You can prioritize the Sata drive (sda1) and boot  XT.  Check if you have replaced the MBR with Grub or not.  If you have the problem is solved, and you can boot from the SATA drive.  I am booting from the IDE drive however, and it is working.  It took me a while but finally set up Windows as the default OS  default 0 to default 4.  Hope this helps.  You can also repair the MBR for Windows if need be with start up windows install disk.  


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From: Karl Larsen <k5di at>
>     I was able to install WindowsXT on a SATA drive. This Ubuntu is on 
> the other IDE drive. To get windows to load I had to disable the IDE 
> drive. When windows was loaded I could not get to Grub. So I unplugged 
> power to the SATA drive and again Grub worked as expected.
>     Today I wanted to dual boot with windows. So I plugged in the SATA 
> drive and with the Ubuntu live cd in operation I looked with fdisk and I 
> had a /dev/hda which is the IDE and /dev/sba which is the SATA drive.
>     I put the grub setup on (hd0) and so with both drives working grub 
> works. But for some reason I cannot get windows to boot. I am afraid 
> there is no (hd??) that fits the SATA /dev/sda1 which is where it is.
>     Any ideas?
> Karl
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